Purr Paradise Litter Box Screens For Cats make perfect Gifts for Cat Lovers who also care
about their home décor. Whether your top priority is a cat gift that matches your interior
decorating style or you are simply searching for a convenient option to hide your cat's
private area, Purr Paradise Litter Box Screens offer an elegant and practical solution
to hide that unattractive plastic litter box.
Pet Accessories with Style
Our litter box screens are available in two colors and four
customizable graphic decoration to perfectly fit your home décor.


Product Specification

In addition to their style, convenience, and durability, Purr Paradise
Litter Box Screens,
 Purr Paradise can be personalized to match your


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Purr Paradise Peter Pan

A new addition to our collection, our elegant, all-white, cat litter box screen is now available in standard and extended sizes with a warm and rich cocoa-colored graphic!
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